Kyushu Economic Research Center

The Kyushu Economic Research Center was established as an organization conducting overall researches and studies on Kyushu’s economy and society under the authorization of the Ministry of Education in 1946. And now the Center is the biggest regional socio-economic research institute in the southwestern Japan.

The Center mainly has two fields of activities. The first is to undertake various research projects of the central government, local autonomous governments and private businesses besides the researches at our own expenses. The second is to offer information services on the issues related with the region of Kyushu functioning as the leading information center with a special library( concerned with the economy).

The Center is located in Fukuoka City and has about 60 staff including approx. 40 researchers. Some of them have been temporarily transferred here to study regional socio-economy such as business cycle of Kyushu from leading local companies and local autonomous governments.

The Center publishes some periodicals such as Monthly Research Bulletin of Kyushu Economy ( in Japanese ) , Annual Report of Kyushu Economy (in Japanese ), Outline of Kyushu Economy (annual statistics in Japanese and English ) and many special research reports ( in Japanese ).

As a private academic research institute, for all but half a century, the Center has been financially maintained by member institutions such as local private businesses, local autonomous governments, local branches of central government, and educational institutes. The Center has 750 million yen basic fund. The budget of the Center is about 492 million yen in 2001.

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