Conservatives better for economy? Canada’s liberals beg to differ

Published on Agence France Press, by AFP, September 26, 2008.

OTTAWA (AFP) — Canada’s liberal leader invoked socially progressive icons Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton and others Friday to try to debunk a notion that conservatives are better at managing the economy.

“Some Canadians think that at times of economic difficulties you need to elect a right-wing government,” Liberal leader Stephane Dion said while campaigning ahead of an October 14 vote.

“Right-wing governments are supposed to be good managers of the economy – in their minds,” he said. “But it’s not true” …

… Whenever conservatives are in power, Dion lamented, the economy falters. “Tory times are tough times, he said.

Harper countered that his government had so far accumulated a first-quarter surplus of 2.9 billion dollars this fiscal year, and said his Conservatives were the only ones in this election proposing “credible economic plans. (full text).

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