Professor David Held Interviewed by Naked Punch

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Published on Nacked Punch Blog, July 28, 2008.

Watch the video, 11.41 min – In ‘Global Covenant’ David Held argues for a ‘global social democracy’.

He proposes this as an alternative to neoliberalism – which, he states, ’simply perpetuates existing economic and political systems and offers no substantial policies to deal with the problems of market failure’. As well as an alternative to radical anti-globalist positions – which, ‘appear deeply naive about the potential for locally based action to resolve, or engage with, the governance agenda generated by the forces of globalization’.

In an appendix he summaries the ‘direction’ that a global social democracy could take – this then would form the ‘global covenant’.  We reproduced from the book some of these points below as they set the background for the interview: … (full long text).

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