Society of Economic Researches – Azerbaijan

Priority direction of organization is the rendering assistance to the small and average businessmen and farms in regions of Azerbaijan on processing and packing of agricultural products, to carry out trainings for farmers, realization of the analyses of economic aspects in effective technologies of cultivation in farms and ecological pollution. There are 25 employees work in “Dirchalish” NGO. Simultaneously it use services of about 50 consultants, economists, soil scientists, agriculturists, engineers, lawyers, sociologists. “Dirchalish” NGO executes volunteer program. There are 30 volunteers work in this net. (See on Society of Economic Researches).

Direction of activity:

• Realization of economic research.
• Improvement of practice of business development.
• Improvement of normative and legal barriers on the way of business development.
• Realization of research and preparation of the offers on improvement of the mechanism of the finance administration at municipal and regional levels.
• Creation of effective communications between mass media, non-governmental and noncommercial organizations.
• Improvement of a financial condition of mass media, non-governmental and noncommercial organizations.
• Reduction of barriers on ways of development of mass media, non-governmental and noncommercial organizations.
• Study of experience of creation and activity of democratic economic institutes in developed countries.
• Creation of communications with similar societies in foreign countries, development of the joint programs on an exchange of experience and staff with them.
• Participation and implementation of the programs on improvement of ecology and environment.
• Attraction of attention on a rising of the level of economic culture in society by economic education of the population. • Study and promotion of experience of foreign countries on economic development and legislation.
• Rendering of information service to organizations and businessmen on development of small and average business.
• Organization of seminars in scientific – practical conferences, meetings etc. participation in such meatings abroad together with state bodies and other public organizations.
• Realization of interrogation among various groups of the population.

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