US Vice Presidential debate

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Published on RealNewsNetwork, October 3, 2008, the following videos concerning the tonight’s Vice Presidential debate:

The banality of it all, 9.27 min.
Paul Jay and Pepe Escobar search for meaning in the VP debate;

The significance of the pitch, 9.25 min.
Foreign policy expert Phyllis Bennis analyzes the importance of the language used by the VP hopefuls;

Breaking down the VP debate, 11.40 min.
Matt Welch: In the hour of chaos Americans want to hear about policies, not fearless leaders;

Who will the independents vote for? 8.11 min.
Ellen Ratner: While Palin refused to answer questions, Biden won the undecided with his substance.


Further you may watch the two following videos speaking on actual US’ concerns:

America pays the piper, big time part 1, 3.44 min.
Robert Parry: After 28 years of drunken optimism and blind nationalism the US wakes up to a grim future

Tax-wealthy to pay for bailout, 18.17 min. – Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes amendment to make the wealthiest in US shoulder the costs of the bailout:

Sen. Bernie Sanders explains his long list of reasons for rejecting the rescue bill which was later passed by the Senate by a margin of 74-25. Sanders pointed to the absence of a plan to help those who face imminent foreclosure on their homes. He chided congress for not effectively limiting Wall St. executives from continuing to award themselves excessive compensation and “make out like bandits.” He argued that the bill does not address the problem of oversight, and continues to trust an ex-CEO of one of the companies responsible for the crisis to resolve that crisis, pointing out that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs during the bubble period. Also, he criticized the failure to address the lack of deregulation which produced the crisis in the first place. Finally, he presented his taxation plan for financing the bill, adding that he would not vote for it unless this amendment was agreed on.

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