Development Power and Derivative Process

A Mode and Theory for Macroeconomy Analysis (see on this link).

feng dai (Zhengzhou Information Engineering University);
Jianqiang Liu (Zhengzhou Information Engineering University).

Abstract: Stating from the basic characteristics of economic production and based on the partial distribution [F.Dai, 2001], this paper advance the concept of development power, give its basic models, and try to establish a theory of describing and analyzing the macro-economy ©¤ the development power and derivative process. By means of the development power theory, we can explain and resolve some important problems in macro-economy researches, such as how the economic cycle be formed, what is the reason that economic outputs vary violently, etc. And by the derivative process model, we can give out the indexes of valuating development power and development vitality in economy process, analyze the macroscopic course of economic development, and compute the beginning time and ending time of the economy cycle depending on the accumulating and releasing development power. Finally, we analyze emphatically the DP movement in economy development of China and USA in recent several decades, in order to show the realistic background and the creditability of development power and derivative process.

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