The American People Tsunami Against A Wall Street Bailout

Published on, by Partha Banerjee, 04 October, 2008.

… To us the laypersons, it is indeed a difficult-to-understand development; especially when those pundits portray the historic nay vote as un-American, destructive. A lot of people are clueless why the conservative Republicans voted together with left-leaning Democrats. Big media do not tell the whole story. Even after the Senate vote, they don’t tell us who voted for the bill, what their corporate connections are, and who voted against with what type of voting record.

Let us try to understand the very rapidly unfolding scenario.

The upcoming November elections include both the presidential race as well as Congressional races. As of today, all the polls indicate that Barack Obama is inching ahead to become the next president of the United States, and John McCain’s fortunes are plummeting. The surveys are also pointing toward a Democratic Congressional landslide. Republican incumbents are scrambling to hold their seats: they now smell that American voters are sick and tired of their pro-rich agenda.

Thus, the right wing needed a huge crisis – one of 9/11-like catastrophic proportions – to stem the fast-ebbing tide from under their feet. The Wall Street meltdown – all blown out inexplicably in a matter of two or three weeks – gave them a great opportunity. This was their only chance to go back to their voters, to show them that they are with them, and not with those Wall Street tycoons …

… Democrats and Republicans who’re now frantically pushing for the unprecedented bailout have never gone back and told their voters how the U.S. economy has been losing ground over the years. They’ve never explained to their voters about the havoc of a one-trillion-dollar war; they’ve never disclosed the true costs of a speculation-based stock market and its fake bubble. They found those cheerleading media experts always on their side – U.S., European, Asian and India media alike.

It’s time we the ordinary people use all the power we have – especially our precious voting and calling power – on the elected representatives to let them know that we are revolting. We are revolting against their lies, half-truths and distortions. We’re revolting against their mismanagement, inaction.

Tell them we know what’s going on. (full text).

(Dr. Partha Banerjee is a New York City-based immigrant, labor and media activist).

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