Again – Money as a Dept

Linked with Paul Grignon – Canada (appearing Febr. 5, 2008 on our World People’s Blog).

Just a repetition of this item from our tomorrow’s World People’s Blog, for not permitting you to miss it:

Paul Grignon’s video: Money As Debt, 47.07 min, added 12 Febr. 2007 … and: … same in french / et en français: L’Argent Dette, de Paul Grignon (Money as Debt – french), by olivier, Oct 6, 2008.

My comment: Finally a video helping to understand much easier what is really happening with our money. Remains the only question: are we foolish people able to change this damned system? Or do we wait until some LEADER tells us how to go on? Will we remain UNABLE to change this through a democratic system? Or do we wait for a dictature to reach a change?

What do you want? I still believe that democracy is our humanity’s way to go on.

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