Solar powered electric car

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Brasscheck TV writes: Not a dream, it works – It may seem that a lot of the videos on Brasscheck TV are negative. Well, you can’t built something new until you expose and clean out all the crap. As I mentioned to a friend recently “a lot of formerly deeply buried’s is finally seeing the light of day these days.”

A new day is coming: Human ingenuity is boundless and the good guys really do outnumber the bad guys. We just have to get better organized. There’s a good reason the powers that be work so hard to try to dumb and beat us down. We’re damn hard to tame, and they know it.

If you want the plans for this car, they’re here – The KIT – SUNN, solar powered electric car ki, Sept. 05, 2008:

You can design and build a car that makes you happy when you drive and makes you smile when you look at it. We are offering plans and assemblies so can custom design and build your own car which can be driven on roads with a speed limit of less than 35 MPH (in states that have a low speed vehicle law). The car is recharged from the sun or can be plugged in. It has a top speed of 25 MPH and a range of 30 miles. It is street legal: windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights.  It can also be use to travel around in campgrounds and gated communities.

Manufacturers Certificates of Origin are supplied for all major items so these can be registered as a Specially Constructed Vehicle in your state FOR THE USA – (I guess it could be more difficult in Europe).

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