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ECOSTAT is one of the most prominent institutes for economic analysis in Hungary by reason of its objective possibilities ? the statistic and financial data basis. Our Institute has been well known as a scientific workshop for several decades. We specialize in econometric researches, prognostic, econometric and firm information activities. The Institute aims to provide scientific researches of high professional quality. (See on ECOSTAT).


Comprehensive macro economic analyses. Systematic surveys of the national economy as a whole to reveal problems. Separate survey of certain problems requiring special methodology of analysis.

Efficiency studies analyzing the expected effects of certain economic policy measures or modification of rules on the national economy.

Comprehensive and detailed researches and analyses of the decisive indicators, tendencies and the expected development as regards the certain sub-branches of economy. With special interest on the added value, employment, financial situation, investments and others.

Surveys on the development of Hungary?s areas and regions, comprehensive analysis of development levels, comparisons, economic prognoses referring to the certain regions.


Some economic policy decisions, strategic decisions of enterprises need special calculation methods or models enabling several variants and the detailed introduction of consequences deriving from certain decisions.


In the course of surveying short and medium term investment possibilities and making projections on them, our Institute considers real investment possibilities of the certain branches in national economy and prepares economic and financial analyses related to them. Projections related to the boom of certain branches are established by previous years? data and the analysis of financial results gained by the companies.

When making strategic projects for companies our experts survey the macroeconomic connections and that of branches related to the operation and development of the company. Proposals are made on the practical way of development, investment and the possible manners of structural changes. Data bases of the Central Statistical Office and that of the tax Office related to the branches and companies provide considerable possibilities to obtain several essential information to all economic analyses.

Within the scope of developing data bases for economic organizations or social communities numeric indicators of the operating area are provided, the necessary informatic systems and the informatic data bases of the certain area are prepared.

By means of our statistical data bases economic surveys of ventures enable rapid special inspections related to the economic conceptions of venturers of the certain branches, their expected efforts made on strategy, investment and market development and other economic features.

In the scope of the permanent analysis and information activities of the Institute monthly and quarterly analyses are provided for our partners in a standard issue structure.

At the recent level of economic changes in Hungary the econometric modeling and scientific analyses of economic processes are of special importance. In the methodological scope of this ECOSTAT provides

long and short term analyses of macro economy,
projections related to certain spheres of economy,
economic analyses for the public service and the business sphere and
the development of methodology connected to economic analyses.
By means of previous years? results the Institute for Economic Analysis and Informatics of the CSO deepens earlier analyses, researches and methodological developments supported by the available information. We offer You the following analytical publications available in a regular subscription system

?Microscope?, a monthly issue on 4 pages, reporting on the expected short term changes of boom indicators and commenting upon actual economic events including the forecasts of their effects;
?Monitoring?, a detailed quarterly survey on all areas of the national economy completed by projections and suggestions. The fulfilment of purposes is also monitored. An international review supports planning organs. Subscriptions can be made on this publication as well. Our issue is also available in English.
ECOSTAT provides researches made for special orders by reason of venture contracts

Economic researches, data basis developments, background analyses made by reason of order.
Economic researches, surveys based on data bases, market-researches, projections made for the competitive sphere and companies.
Firm information services (macroeconomic indicators and analyses related to strategic projects made for banks, organizations and companies; economic surveys of sub-branches by means of data bases developed on companies? statistics and balance reports; development of special databases and analyses, competition analyses).
Besides the regular analytical, prognostic activities completed for governmental organs, ECOSTAT, the Institute for Economic Analysis and Informatics cooperates with other research institutes of Hungary. As an organ of the Central Statistical Office it participates in the modernization of economic researches and the development of statistical and econometric methods. Research and prognostic possibilities and firm information services of ECOSTAT are expected to serve the business sphere effectively.

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