The last 5 newslettres from the Orion Project

all received by mail in these times

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In my eyes this project is very important, takes much time, energy and needs much money, but it is worth to be sustained. Here the five last (compressed) newsletter received by the Orion Project:

  • 1): Preliminary Call for Engineer/Scientists to Work on Breakthrough Energy Technologies: We are recruiting engineers to assist in this exciting time of research and development in the area of breakthrough energy technologies. Because of the ground-breaking work in which we are involved, candidates must realize that commitment to our vision to succeed must be total. We are bringing the best minds together to create world-changing technologies. To be part of this effort requires a permanent commitment and relocation to the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Once we have developed the technologies, we foresee continuing roles in the company for those who have participated in our success. We are searching for talented individuals with skills in the following technical fields: – a) Electrical Engineering; b) Mechanical Engineering; c) Electronics/Circuit Design. – If you are ready to participate in a change that will open the world to safe, non-polluting new energy systems, send your resume with references to Dr Jan Bravo, the Orion Project.
  • 2): Background to the Science of Energy from the Vacuum: Recently, retired Col. Thomas Bearden (US Army) wrote 2 papers posted on his website that describe many aspects of the world’s energy crisis and possible approaches to solve it. We at The Orion Project have followed Col. Bearden’s research for years and feel that readers and supporters of The Orion Project will find his ideas thoughtful, refreshing, and hopeful. Many of the scientific aspects of his work have a direct bearing on what The Orion Project wishes to achieve in the real world: development of non-polluting, non-fossil-fuel-using energy-producing technologies that extract energy directly from the vacuum. The following ideas and quotes are taken from his 18-page paper entitled Situation and Decision Briefing posted in early Sept. 2008. Bearden states that present day electrical engineering has failed to take advantage of the scientifically proven fact that all EM (ElectroMagnetic) energy comes freely from the seething vacuum. Stated slightly differently, all EM energy flowing in every EM field and potential in every EM system comes freely from the virtual state vacuum. This is via the proven broken symmetry of the source dipole (and of the source charge and its polarized vacuum charge of opposite sign).” This means that if one can set up a charged pair and separate them (positive and negative) to make a dipole and maintain the separation, then real observable, usable EM energy will flow. However, in 1892, Lorentz removed this possibility of a free energy source from Maxwell’s equations describing EM theory and produced a set of EM equations that have been used by scientists and engineers since that time leading to our energy problems today. (see the picture on /scroll down), So, if this source dipole is broken, then the energy flow will stop (until it is reset, which takes more energy), which is what happens in our present day electrical circuits and systems using the modified Maxwell’s equations. The difficult engineering trick is to build a circuit that will catch some of this freely flowing EM energy (from a source dipole) and then separately dissipate that EM energy into loads to separately power them so that the source dipole is not destroyed. Our task at The Orion Project is to address this problem with open-minded engineers and scientists who understand the problems with conventional physics and who accept the observations of Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla, in a speech in New York to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1891. Quoted from his biography: Margaret Cheney, Tesla: Man Out of Time, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1981) who stated that: Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic and this we know it is, for certain then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature. This task will not be easy because it goes against conventional wisdom as summarized in the quote below which explains in part why our country’s leaders (who are often advised by mainstream scientists) are being mislead. Astronaut Brian O’Leary’s open letter to Al Gore in 2007 pointed out the problem with most organized science of today when he stated: … don’t rely exclusively on those mainstream scientists, journalists and pundits who deny the reality of new energy. They are just as ignorant as those scientists who denied the practicality of aviation even after the Wright brothers were flying. But to expect the Wrights to immediately deliver a 737 would have been unrealistic. Once the fact that energy can be extracted from the vacuum is proven, the energy sources on our planet will change and Earth will face a promising energy future. To reach this promising future our planet depends on wise leadership and bold innovation now.
  • 3): Inventor Update: Stan Meyer Technology: the Orion Project has been active over the last two months diligently pursuing the most promising opportunities for breakthrough technologies. One such technology is the work of inventor, Stan Meyer (link to our website). After Stan died more than ten years ago, his work fell silent. After such a long silence, many feared nothing more would come of his lifetime of dedication and research to free the US from its dependence on foreign oil. In January of this year, the TOP team was contacted by a representative of those who inherited Stan’s technical materials and equipment. Dr. Ted Loder went to visit the team and personally witnessed an extensive collection of Stan’s equipment, physical inventions, notebooks, and documentation. Yes, including his widely publicized dune buggy alleged to have been powered entirely by water alone. In the long months since Ted’s visit, the family that controls Stan’s equipment and documentation have been seeking the best buyer to carry on Stan’s work and bring his technology out to the world. This has included an open bid process that has taken several months and attracted considerable attention from around the world. As of today, The Orion Project is one of the two remaining bidders still under consideration. Though the process has been long, we remain in active negotiations to acquire Stan’s technology and resume work on this widely publicized and most promising technology. It is only through your generous financial support that we have been able to be considered a viable bidder in this process. Please support us now in these final steps of the journey to win the bid and resume work on this most promising Water-for-Fuel Technology. Please donate today! New Inventor Group: In April of this year, The Orion Project was contacted by an inventor group in Canada. Through a long and steady process of disclosure and trust-building, we have recently entered into a development agreement with this group. (For security purposes and to protect the inventor, we must keep their identity undisclosed at this time.) Bill Costantino has made two visits to personally see their work and assess the state of their technology. There is evidence this group has built 1 Kw, 2 Kw, and 10 Kw working prototypes of their technology. These systems employ solid state electronics, operate without the use of any fossil fuels, and are entirely non-polluting. With support from The Orion Project, the team is currently working on a 20 Kw prototype, which we hope to be operational soon. Again, it is only through your direct financial support that we are able to provide the needed funds for such critical technology. It is such brilliant, out-of-the-box systems as these that will help transform our terribly flawed global dependence on fossil fuels to a future of clean, sustainable, non-polluting energy for all mankind.
  • 4): a mail, remembering (Americans) to go for vote … to find the principles and candidates that you believe will work to build a better world and end our dependence on fossil fuels. Each and every person’s vote is important to the outcome of not only the next 4 years, but for many generations to follow us. No Agenda: As you know, The Orion Project is a non-profit public charity promoting the development of new energy sources for the benefit of everyone on our planet, and as such, we have no poli tical or religious agendas. No matter what your political preference, fossil fuels will run out sooner or later, and we must start developing new sources of power now before they do. Which Way To Go? Many strategies exist for expanding our supply of fossil fuels today. Some say we should be using our own supplies rather than importing. But even drilling here at home in the U.S. is not a long term solution. It is too costly, creates a real security risk, damages the environment, and will not supply significant amounts of fuel at our current rate of consumption. See the article by Amory Lovins called Drilling in All the Wrong Places. Concerned Company Helps: Just this week a concerned business pledged to donate $50 of every $1000 order of selected eco-conscious floors to TOP. Simple Floors
    offers green flooring products through a dozen company stores, and on line as well. Through this generous offer, the first week of donations has totaled $1150. Simple Floors has also posted links to TOP from their website to help us get the word out to concerned citizens … Take Action Today: Do you have a business that could contribute a tax free donation to TOP? Do you know someone who does and would be willing to learn about our work? Does it make sense to you to use your financial power to vote for new energy? If so, please make whatever donation you can today. The time is right for big positive change in our world. Don’t just wish and hope for a better future – vote for one in every way you can!
  • 5): Profile of an Orion Project Supporter: Let me tell you about one of our recent donors to The Orion Project. He works two jobs. He makes minimum wage, but his employers always remark about the enthusiasm he brings to his duties. And he truly loves his work. He has always known there were others worse off than he, so he has always made donations to worthy projects. Not a great amount, but certainly hard-earned money. Well, the other day he sent a check to The Orion Project for $500. It took a lot of time for him to earn that money. But after learning about The Orion Project, he felt the work was important enough to support in this way. And one more thing- he has Fragile X syndrome. This is a genetic disorder which involves varying degrees of learning disabilities and physical challenges. Life is not easy for individuals with Fragile X, and indeed, our donor has spent his lifetime overcoming challenges, and will continue to do so. And we continue with our work. We have recently received many applications from dedicated engineers and scientists who wish to work with us. Help us fund our campus, that we might build a centralized facility to bring these wonderful minds together to develop clean, inexpensive, renewable energy for all.
  • And also, please do not forgert their need for donations.

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