The car of the future – blocked

Received by mail:

From: Brasscheck TV
Date: 04/12/2008

Congressional hearings on bailing out the auto industry took up a lot of TV time today. One statistic not brought up: General Motors spends $17 million a year on Viagra. I kid you not …

The health care the big car makers provide its employees and retirees runs into the many billions of dollars a year. Right now, one third of all medical expenditures in the US go to insurance companies, a huge amount that could be eliminated if the US had – (gasp!) – a “socialized” medical system.

Here’s another untouchable topic that should have been raised during today’s hearings, but was not. Even with the desperate need the auto makers have to come up with a dramatic plan to save themselves, they won’t acknowledge that cars can run – right now – gasoline-free on compressed air … the kind you can get from the machines that put air in tires.

See the following video: Cars can be run on air – right now, 1.42 min.

More: published on Brasscheck.TV, 04/12/2008.

Odds are you’ve never heard of this car. Why not?

Why is a French company developing it with zero help from the high rolling US-UK dominated global financial system which until recently had money for every loony scheme imaginable?

Answer: The banking system and the oil industry are closely intertwined and they want to protect their investment in the gasoline infrastructure at all costs.

Fortunately, France doesn’t have the same commitment to gasoline as fuel that the US and UK does. France does have oil companies, but it doesn’t have the equivalent of Exxon or Royal Dutch Shell.

India doesn’t either. But the French and the Indians do have superb engineers.

Assuming that the collapse of the global financial system doesn’t derail the launch of this car, India and France will have vehicles that are completely independent of the oil companies.

No toxic fuel, no toxic emissions, super low cost, utter reliability, and here’s the really cool part: the “fuel” could be available anywhere there is room for an air compressor including your own home.

What’s not to like about this? Why is the news of this technology all but banned in the US? The banking system and the oil industry (and news media industry) are closely intertwined.

It’s really that simple.

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