Six videos on alternative energy

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When it really matters, information in the US is censored. Hopefully, you’ve seen all the videos in this series: … (full text) … watch the two videos:

  • 1) How PBS and Chevron got together to kill the alternative fuel movement, 6.34 min;
  • 2) You are not innocent any more … , 2.11 min;


Oil really is the root of all evil: … (full text) … watch this video:

  • 3) The Great Amnesia, How we became slaves to oil, 5.57 min;


Science for sale: … (full text) … watch this three videos:

  • 4) Oil industry math, How fake science “proved” that alcohol is an impractical fuel, 8.59 min;
  • 5) Deeper down the rabbit hole: Plants grown for fuel take care of the excess carbon problem, 9.53 min;
  • 6) Bonus: “Survival of the fittest” is not science, 10.00 min;


Alcohol can be a gas;


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