The real-world economics review

Formerly the post-autistic economics review, Issue no. 48, 6 December 2008

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How should the collapse of the world financial system affect economics? – Part I:

  • After 1929 economics changed: Will economists wake up in 2009? Geoffrey M. Hodgson – download pdf
  • The economics of collapsing markets, Frank Ackerman – download pdf
  • Economics needs a scientific revolution, JP Bouchaud – download pdf

The financial crisis – Part III:

  • Reforming the world’s international money, Paul Davidson – download pdf
  • How to deal with the US financial crisis, Claude Hillinger – download pdf
  • The crrisis and what to do about it, George Soros – download pdf

On being “competitive”: the evolution of a word, David George – download pdf
The state of China’s economy 2009, James Angresano – download pdf
Hedonic man: The new economics and the pursuit of happiness, Allen Wolfe – download pdf

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