Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies

E-Consultation with young people on their experiences

FINAL REPORT, by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), 19 WORD-pages, December 2006. (URL available only as html).


  • The E-Consultation shows that very few of the participants were involved in consultation and development processes of their country’s PRSP or other National Development Strategies. It also created an opportunity to identify young people who have been involved in the development of their PRSPs to come and present their experience at the workshop in January 2007.
  • Furthermore, only few participants had deep knowledge of PRSPs prior to joining the E-Consultation and the dialogue created awareness of these processes and the important role of young people. The E-Consultation also provided the opportunity to learn about the experiences of those who have been involved in PRSPs or other national and local development strategies. The major thematic issues relevant to youth covered in the discussion are education, heath, employment and youth participation.
  • The E-Consultation opened up opportunities for young people to share experiences on participating in PRSPs and National Development Strategies. As the summaries above show, participants proposed several ideas on how to move forward. One idea we would like to emphasize in this conclusion is the idea on advocacy campaigns to governments on including young people in the consultation process of PRSPs and National Development Strategies as well as integrating young people’s issues in these processes. They also suggested that these processes should be supported by monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to assess progress made and that the advocacy campaigns should be initiated by young people and youth organizations together with the UN and other international and national groups.
  • The outcome of this E-Consultation also indicates that young people are a creative and energetic resource that everyone must cultivate and nourish from. They are leaders of today and tomorrow and need to be given greater attention in order to eliminate poverty and make our world a better one to live in.

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