Staggering fraud

Received by mail:

From: Brasscheck TV
Date: 14/12/2008

You probably heard the news about the $50 BILLION Wall Street investment manager rip off. $50 billion may not sound like a lot of money any more, but it’s actually real money. Look at it this way…

GM and Chrysler were only asking for $30 billion to save the entire US auto industry. You gotta love the Internet. Not only do we have the news on the $50 BILLION Bernard Madoff stock market rip off…

We’ve got video of Madoff spinning his award winning BS just one year ago which you can watch on Brasscheck. Here’s the scary thing. Madoff sounds like every other market “professional” you’ve ever heard. House of cards … coming down.

Watch the two videos:

  • Just another Wall Street superstar, 3.01 min;
  • and: What $50 billion in bullshit sounds like, 33.57 min.

Bernard Madoff: Working the room: … (full text).

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