To reach an audience in the millions

… by the Real News Network

Received by mail: From: IWT-The Real News Network
Date: 22/12/2008

As the economic crisis deepens, climate change approaches critical levels, and global tensions increase, the need to break the monopoly on television daily news has never been greater. We must know why the crisis is happening and what we can do to defend ourselves. Corporate TV news won’t ask the real questions, let alone provide answers …  // … The Real News Network is at a critical juncture.  New distribution deals put us on the verge of an audience in the millions. Yet, this comes at a time when the financial crisis has knocked out some of our expected seed funding. We need thousands of new donor/members now if we are to continue.  We have to move to a primarily small donor model now …

Here a selection of their latest videos:

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan, 5.21 min, December 20, 2008; ;

Congress ignored critical bailout oversight, 6.10 min, December 20, 2008;

From Nixon to 9/11, 11.51 min, December 21, 2008;

The media, Blagojevich and systemic corruption, 7.17 min, December 21, 2008;

… and three videos on the destabilization of Congo:


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