The illegal green tree

Christmas trees didn’t come to the English speaking world until the 19th century. The tradition started in Germany and eastern Europe in the 16th century. There’s another “green tree” we might think about today. One that could feed and clothe billions of the world’s poor and increase the standard of living for everyone. One problem: It’s been made illegal. Details on Brasscheck TV.

The illegal green tree, 10.54 min. Why? Why is the massively valuable and versatile hemp plant illegal in the United States?

Three reasons for making hemo illegal:

  • 1. Provides make-work for a vast army of “law enforcers” who then are available to be used for other social control work
  • 2. Protects the market share of numerous well organized lobbies: alcohol makers, plastics and chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and cotton growers (still a powerful economic force in America 200 + years after the Civil War.)
  • 3. Gives fascist minded politicians yet another way to control the population

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