Humanitarian Tragedy In Sri Lanka

Published on, by Chandi Sinnathurai, 24 December, 2008.

Sri Lankan President Rajapaksha has said that the Government has created a humanitarian corridor for some 280,000 Tamils sandwiched between the two conflicting sides. The un-told suffering of the Tamil civilians is sadly some thing that hardly ever grabs the headline of the world news …

… For the Tamils fleeing through this so-called humanitarian corridor would be suicidal. Its like asking Moses and the Hebrew slaves to be trusting Pharaoh to cross the Red sea! On the other hand, the neighbouring India and the Western Governments are silent when this terrible genocidal madness is taking place in this little island. The Tamils world over are wondering what in the world is happening.

As a humanitarian gesture, what on earth is stopping Rajapaksha to stop the war machinery in order for the Tamils – “citizens of this country”, to walk safely through this so-called humanitarian corridor. The government has the moral responsibilty.

By doing so, the President is honouring the fact that the Tamils are human and they need a safe place from the bombs, guns and terror of the state. All else will be just empty rhetoric and President Rajapaksha might come out of it all smelling like roses. Bloody joke! (full text).

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