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Received by newsletter-mail:
From: The Orion Project
Date: 23/12/2008

The United Nations recently held its annual conference on Climate Change. During the sessions, it was revealed that world climate change experts are losing faith in the ability of conventional renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar to solve the increasing problems associated with global climate change.

The U.N’s acknowledgment of a need for alternatives to these technologies is a step in the right direction. What needs to happen now is for people to spread the word that these alternative technologies actually exist today, but have been systematically suppressed for decades by powerful interests within the fossil fuels industry. The Orion Project was created to help get these new technologies into the hands of the masses.

You can help us make it happen. When you’re visiting with friends and family over the holidays, and the subject of alternative energy or climate change (or the economy!) comes up, please tell them about the Orion Project. The sooner the word gets out that these technologies exist, the sooner we will be able to raise our initial operating budget and get into high gear in getting them out to the public. Thank you!

Also the Newsletter of 16/12/2008 told:

The Risks of a Centralized Power Grid: The Associated Press reports that an ice storm in seven states in the Northeastern United States over the weekend left 1.25 million homes and businesses without power. Even now, hundreds of thousands are still without power. The beauty of winter has already turned to devastation for many.

Imagine- having no power in the face of subfreezing temperatures. It’s happening now … and winter is only beginning. One gas station owner in New Hampshire was quoted in the AP article as saying, “It’s kind of lawless out there. There’s a lot of people very frustrated stacking up at the gas stations. It’s pretty ugly.”

We must find new sources of energy that allow each home and business its own clean source of electrical energy, free from the problems that occur when a centralized grid fails.

This is the vision of The Orion Project. We are dedicated to supporting engineers, physicists and inventors who have developed innovative solutions to energy generation. The time is now. Your donation will support our Technology Development program, so that we may shorten the timeline to completion and implementation of these new technologies.

And finally the Newsletter of 30/12/08:

Happy New Year to All

Dark Days:

The Winter Solstice, considered one of the most powerful times of year by many cultures around the world, has just passed. We are moving out of the deep, dark days of winter. The Light is re-emerging, expanding slightly each day, and All Life feels the expanding impulse. A new annual cycle has begun, and we are free to create afresh. This is the time to plan and set our vision for a better world!

Light Days:

As the Hopi prophecy affirms, We are the Ones we have been waiting for, and with the recent elections, we have ushered in a hopeful future. Although the news we hear is often bad, and it seems that our planet is immersed in growing pollution, plans for war, and clouds of financial despair, the Light is once again advancing. As we usher in the New Year, it is time to turn our attention from the completion of the past year to the deeply held hopes and plans we have for better and brighter days ahead.


This week, as 2008 slips into history, please join us in celebrating TOP’s first year of work to bring forth free energy. Thanks to all of you, TOP received over $400,000 in donations, is in final negotiations to acquire Stan Myers technology, and has identified two promising technologies that could supply a working device in the coming year. None of this could have happened without your ability to see a brighter future, and to stand for it with your generous support. We are profoundly grateful for your unwavering help, and we remain committed to bringing free energy to the world in the very near future.


We are the creators of our reality, and 2009 is going to be whatever we co-create. Please share TOP’s vision and accomplishments with your friends and family in 2009, so they too can see the hope we have for a brighter future soon. And if you can, please help us again by making a donation today.

Sincerely, The Orion Board and Volunteers, of The Orion Project, PO Box 4347, Charlottesville, VA, 22905, USA.

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