Invoking India’s Fuhrer

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Published on, by Ram Puniyani, 19 January, 2009.

During the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment summit (December 2008), the top industrialists cheered their fellow captains of industries calling for Narendra bhai to be next Prime Minister. It is claimed by the organizers of this glittering function that it could solicit an investment of 12 Lakh Crores in Gujarat. It is another matter that the analysts point out that this data is a make believe fiction. A Right to Information, RTI, filed to find the actual investment in Gujarat shows that out of the committed investment of previous summit only 23% materialized, and the current data has been fudged to include the existing ongoing projects and some projects which fall in the kitty of central Government. While some investment has taken place and some has been committed a deliberate hype has been created in the figures to create an image of Gujarat as being number one state of India due to the leadership of Modi …

… It may sound a bit far fetched to compare this RSS pracharak turned chief minister with the greatest tyrant in the contemporary history. But similarities are staring in our face. Hitler adorned the ideology of German Nationalism to oppress the Jews, Trade Unionists, communists on one hand and workers on the other. In the process he did abolish democracy and adopted a militarism which was a prelude to the destruction of the German state. Modi already has been indoctrinated in the Hate ideology of RSS, in the concept of Hindu Rashtra and militaristic, aggressive attitudes towards neighbors. History can be a big teacher if we want to learn.

In the long term Hitler, Modi, German Nationalism and RSS ideology may sound solutions to Big Capitalists and section of affluent middle class, but surely nation is not just these big guns and not just aggressive attitude towards neighboring states. This is sure recipe for disaster in the long run. Modi’s problems with BJP, Advani, Shekhavat apart, he has shown the worst of fascist mind set, that’s why the ilk of Ambani and Mittlas are trying to promote him as the next Prime Minster.

What is needed is that we revive with all vigor the values of freedom movement, the equality of all religious communities, the liberal space for struggle for democratic and human rights. The Industrialists’ tubular vision does not permit them to have a look at society as a whole and that’s why a section of them promoted Hitler in Germany and a section of them is invoking the Indian version of Hitler, Narendra Modi. (full text).

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