some Middle East views on Barack Obama

Published on BBCnews, by by Huw Williams and Hamada Abu Qammar, Jan. 21, 2009.

Amid all the excitement in the United States about Barack Obama’s inauguration as the country’s first black president, Israelis and Palestinians share hopes, fears and priorities for the new US administration

Falasteen Kilani, student, Ramallah, West Bank, says: We actually don’t expect anything from any American president, but deep inside I think that Obama will make a difference. He comes from a different background to other American presidents. The fact that he’s half black, half immigrant and half Muslim and he made it to the presidency – that is very good and I really respect that he did that for himself.

What I expect from him is to be at least fair, to us, to listen to us and be a little bit different than the other presidents …

… and other testimonies from Raffi Kaplan, Shai Schticks, Nasser Abdul Hadi, Fadi Halteh, Neta Levy, Judy Kramer, and Fadil Ahmad al-Sultan … (full text).


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