The Asian E-Government Conference

April 26 – 28, 2006, Rama Gardens Hotel and Resort, Bankok, Thailand.


Asian countries are witnessing a dramatic change in their economy. So is the scene of e-Governance! Some countries are already topping the international charts of e-Governance, some have just begun their journey, while there are a few others who are yet to step into the e-Governance arena. The scope for these countries to learn from their advanced Asian neighbours is immense and opportunities are unbound. The present need is to create a common ground of equitable learning which facilitates a process of overall development of the region.


egov Asia 2006, the Asian e-Government conference, will provide a knowledge-sharing platform, where one could hear and meet the policymakers, practitioners, industry leaders and academicians of Asia-Pacific nations to learn how to carry forward the e-Government vision and consolidate them into actionable program.


egov Asia 2006 will highlight e-Government trends and strategies in Asia bringing forth the challenges and opportunities specific to Asian region. Along with exhibition, it will be a forum to showcase best practices, innovative technologies and ICT solutions. For all stakeholders with an interest in e-Government, it will be an ideal place to meet old friends, make new friends, share notes and foster partnerships.

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