Karzai urges Taliban reconciliation

Published on Al Jazeera, by Source Agencies, Feb 8, 2009.

(First my comment: the following text down – in italic – shows that thinkers and commentators in political affairs are only able to think TACTICs, not HUMAN CONCERNs. And as long as THIS mentality prevails, their influence will remain noxious … and they would better shut-up … as, even IF Karzai thinks in tactics, the HUMAN CONCERN remains more important. But could it be that human concerns are not as sexy as war, crime and tactics and make flow less testosterone in men’s body?)

Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has called for a process of reconciliation with Taliban fighters who are not linked with al-Qaeda.

“We will invite all those Taliban who are not part of al-Qaeda, who are not part of terrorist networks, who want to return to their country … to come back to their country,” he said at a security conference in the German city of Munich on Sunday.

“I would request the international community to back us in this, fully, and be of one view on this, not of divided views,” he said.

“There is no way that we can succeed in the way we want to, in the right time, without some form of reconciliation” …

… US relationship:

Karzai, who is due to take part in presidential elections in August, has seen his approval ratings damaged in the past months by the Taliban offensive, allegations of government corruption and an increase in Afghanistan’s opium production.

The appeal by Karzai could be part of a strategy to shore up his flagging presidency and convince international partners that he is the best person to lead Afghanistan, MacDonald said.

“President Karzai is playing a very interesting game in terms of strategy; he is facing domestic political pressures, there is a election due in a few months time and he is haemorrhaging support internationally,” he said.

“He seems to be out of favour with the Obama administration and other foreign leaders. It may be he is hoping that his comments [in Munich] will appeal to the US.”

Washington, which is the biggest provider of both money and troops to Afghanistan,  is expected to announce the deployment of 30,000 extra US soldiers to the country. (full text).

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