Alternative Energy – precursor engineering links

Linked with Steven M. Greer – USA, Stanford R. Ovshinsky – USA, with Breaking News from The Orion Project, with the, (and the World Puja Network’s homepage), Brasscheck TV with Six videos on alternative energy, with Air cars – Here, there. everywhere, with The car of the future – blocked, and with Solar powered electric car.

Received by mail: From: The Orion Project: several newsletters, to find them go to The Orion Project /Latest News, find there interesting informations.

Precursor engineers:

1): Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, Ausstralia (1887 – 1961) on wikipedia and: Schrödinger’s cat on wikipedia and: his Nobel Prize in Physics;

2): Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1902 – 1984) on wikipedia and his Nobel Prize in Physics;

3): Thomas E. Bearden (Retired Col.) on wikipedia and: the Tom Bearden Website, and: the VIRTUAL TIMES, Tom Bearden (and more articles), and: the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator MEG, oct 06, 2000;

4): Stanley Meyer’s Google web-search leads to Google Video results for Stanley Meyer with his car, shown already on the Orion Project, Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell on wikipedia (last modified on 7 February 2009, at 11:49).

Also received by mail: From Brasscheck TV, Date: 06 Feb 2009: What if a battery existed that allowed you to drive your car for 300 miles on a single charge? That would easily take care of most people’s daily commuting needs. Unfortunately, we’re years away from having a battery like this right? Wrong. It exists, or rather it existed. GM acquired the company that owned the technology – in producing, not on the drawing board – and then GM sold it to Chevron. Now it’s gone.
Watch these 2 videos:

More links:

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