Swiss Maddened By American Treatment of UBS

Published on Tremendous News, by blog owner, Feb 22, 2009.

The Swiss are pissed. Who would have thought that would actually happen. Usually, the Swiss are known for being nice, neutral. If you talked trash about their moms they would say, “I see your point and it’s valid.  Let’s all be merry and eat peppermint scones, shall we?” And then they would prance away into a magical forest.

Not anymore.

Members of the SVP, the largest political party in Switzerland (my comment: exactly it’s our right wing populist party), are pissed at how the US is treating their darling bank, UBS. They don’t like the fact that American federal authorities are pressuring UBS to release names of their customers.

So, in retaliation, they propose that Switzerland:

  • Not take any prisoners from the soon-to-be-shut Guantanamo Bay Prison;
  • Not help the US in diplomatic situations where the country is uninvited;
  • Ban the sales of US funds through Swiss banks;
  • Not give the Americans any of their delicious chocolate or watches or those stupid knives that nobody really needs unless you’re a woodsman.

Are you a woodsman? No. No, you’re not.  So why do you need a knife that expands into seventy-eight other knives? … (full text).

(My next comment: no, as a not-SVP Swiss I am not angry that someone is able to educate our banks).

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