STWR’s Newsletter February 2009

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From: STWR Newsletter
Date: 26/02/2009


  • 1. Update on Activities
  • 2. Latin America Section now Online
  • 3. Editorials and Articles by STWR
  • 4. Featured Articles
  • 5. Featured Reports
  • 6. Videos – Latin America

Excerpt: … 2. Latin America Section Now Online:

STWR has recently launched a fully updated Latin America & Caribbean section on the website which can be accessed through the main menu or via this webpage:
The section presents over 100 articles, including recommended reports and videos relating to the region.

There are also extensively researched and fully referenced Overview and Key Facts pages, which provide comprehensive information on some of the most pertinent issues currently affecting the region. These include the rising tide of people’s movements, cycles of debt and inequity, land reform, and many of the region’s economic alternatives such as ALBA and regional oil-sharing initiatives.

For those interested in accessing further resources on Latin America, the More Info pages provide links to organisations and campaigns, as well as more articles, reports, books and other sources of information.

If you would like to be informed when new articles are published in this section, please subscribe to our monthly Latin America Alerts.

See also their section videos, and specially Videos of Latin America.

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