G. Edward Griffin’s view on the FED

Linked with G. Edward Griffin – USA.

Watch these videos/audio in english:

  • G Edward Griffin – Creature From Jekyll Island, a second look at the FED, 42.15 min, 28 août 2007;
  • same title, but as a short version of 4.42 min, 10 May 2007;
  • same title, but as audio,  with many more explanations, 71.11 min, 24 sept. 2007.
  • Added March 20: P.S. Please notice that all these explanations have been given BEFORE the actual bank mess, explaining it better than all tranquilizing speeches you may hear now from our politicians. Now you may wonder WHY we have to pay back interests and bank depts made out of NOTHING … no, not out of our savings, but made out of thin air.

To understand the link with the third world, look again to (added March 20):

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G. Edward Griffin Discusses Bilderberg on the Alex Jones Show, June 7, 2008;

An Idea Whose Time Has Come G. Edward Griffin, Freedom Force International, 83.37 min, 5 mai 2007.

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