… and what from now on?

Updated on August 7, 2012:

From today on, I’ll slow down my work and give more time to my privat life (yes, this was happen).

Therefore, the blog Humanitarian Texts and this blog Economy and Society will still receive some random entries, not daily, but belonging to what is presenting itself (this was not happen, I am myself too much eager to go on … )

From now on I want them with more positive news, showing less critics but mainly progress, reflections and development (still hopefully for this goal).

The World People’s Blog is definitively closed, but NGOs – we and others will go on even more (yes, this happened, and this so good, that on July 13th, 2011 I put my last entry for the NGO blog.
Reason: too many visitors for its old, not updatable wordpress software – a crasy bug, still not found – so my provider no more wanted accept the consequences of a slow-down on his servers

But in the same month I have resuscitated my HBB Blog.

Till next, Heidi.

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