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Economic System Needs Major Changes

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Published on World Public, March 31, 2009.

Full Report in PDF, 23 pages.

… Detailed Findings:

Majority support for fundamental reform of the international economic system is found in 20 of the 24 countries polled, led by Portugal (92%), the Philippines (88%), Kenya and Spain (both 84%). The only countries where less than half call for major changes are Russia (47%), Japan (45%), Mexico (42%), and India (40%).

Majorities in 19 of the 24 countries also see the need for major changes to their own country’s economic system. On average 68 per cent think their own country’s economy needs major changes in response to the economic crisis. Some of the largest majorities are found in developed economies that have been particularly affected by the economic crisis, such as Portugal (90%), Spain (82%), the US (75%) and the UK (73%). Japan and India have the smallest numbers calling for major change (both 39%) … (full text).

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