Your help is urgently needed – Extreme drought has hit east Africa bringing severe food shortages to nine countries. Across the region, up to 11 million people are in need of help. The situation is critical – much worse than we have seen for many years (see on ACTIONAID).

The ActionAid actionaidadmin@actionaid.org.uk writes: Our staff on the ground tell us that drought has caused water supplies to dry up, crops to fail and livestock to die. Without their animals, families have no milk to drink and no calves to sell.

They have long since used up their reserves of grain. Even if it rained now, it would be too late for them to recover. Families are left with nothing. And they face starvation.

We urgently need help to deliver food and water to over half a million people in Kenya – and others across east Africa. Can we count on you to help?

A gift of Ł50 could help us provide vital food supplies that will keep people alive. It could pay for 4x 90kg bags of maize and feed 4 families for three days.

We’re already delivering flour, maize and beans to the worst affected regions. You could help us reach even more of the most vulnerable – like pregnant women, elderly people and children. You could also enable us to distribute food in schools.

A gift of Ł100 could help us deliver water. It could help buy 5,000 litres of water, which would supply 125 families for a day.

We’re already sending water tanks to communities which have no supplies. With your help, we can bring water to more people who are struggling to survive.

But we won’t rest until we have helped poor families to rebuild their livelihoods so they are better able to withstand drought in the future.

This means ensuring that people have good quality seed to plant – and a harvest to look forward to. We must also help them set up simple irrigation systems so that when the rains come, supplies are stored and used in the most effective way. And we also need to provide families with livestock so that they can rebuild their herds.

We estimate that to save and rebuild lives, ActionAid needs to raise at least Ł2 million – urgently.

We really do rely upon your generosity at times like this. Please click here and give as much as you can. Whatever you are able to donate, it will help save lives.

Best wishes, Roger Yates, Head of Emergencies, ActionAid International.

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