Eliminating World Poverty

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International  Development Cooperation and its Newsletter.

A consultation document published by the Department for International Development DFID (see DFID.gov.uk/about).

Introduction; Downloads of papers;

DFID is producing a new White Paper looking at the challenges facing the world and the global solutions we need to develop together to address the economic downturn, climate change and conflict and security:

  • The Public Consultation Document will be on this website for 12 weeks from 5 March 2009;
  • The public consultation process closes on Wednesday 27 May 2009;
  • You can make comments on the document itself http://consultation.dfid.gov.uk/1-building-our-common-future/emerging-challenges/
  • or you can send your comments directly by e-mail; mailto:whitepaper@dfid.gov.uk
  • We are also consulting with a range of partners such as other government departments, overseas partners, civil society organisations, faith based organisations, trade unions and others to feed into the draft;
  • The White Paper will be published in summer 2009.

DFID (UK Department for International Development) is working on a new White Paper that will be published in July 2009. You can join regional consultation events to share your ideas. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and debate a focus topic. There are 12 events being held around the UK between now and 18 May. (Source: DFID).

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