World Future Council’s Newsletter, Issue April 2009

Received by mail:
From: World Future Council /Newsletter
Date: 05/05/2009

Excerpt: … Commission Briefs … Future Finance: On April 17th, GLS Bank hosted a round table discussion on the topic of ‘future finance’ in Bochum, Germany. Several European ethical banks participated and learned more about the Future Finance Expert Commission and its current projects and perspectives. An evening event was held for the WFC to present itself to GLS clients. More than 80 people turned up for the presentation and to discuss the WFC’s finance work.

At the annual conference of the international social finance association (INAISE) from April 22nd to 25th in Luxembourg, Commission Coordinator Stefan Biskamp had the opportunity to present the Future Finance Commission’s proposals to leading social banks. Members of the sector fully support the WFC approach focusing on eliminating perverse incentives in the financial system. This will decrease speculation without creating monster bureaucracies controlling the financial industry. Concerning customer education, mandatory warnings should be attached to speculative, risky or dangerous bank products. Taking heed from the food and tobacco industry, products should be classified transparently. As with the Fair Trade system, decent and fair financial products and investments should be labeled accordingly. You can see Stefan Biskamp’s presentation here and the Future Finance position paper by Jakob von Uexkull here.

Climate and Energy: …

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