The Longest – a long walk through China

Christoph Rehage’s China trip …

His homepage; his contact;

go to his videos on YouTube, click (above right on ‘a piece of it‘, and then) on ‘the longest way‘, you will find 4646 km made in 3.25 min. The rest time up to 5.18 min is let for thinking;

see his photo gallery: on picasa and on panoramino;

But much better: download Google earth, when installed make sure that roads and also panoramino photos are shown;

Then go to Beijing/China and zoom near to the ground, down to 20 km (bottom line at right showing Altitude 20 km). From this place follow the road, the south way along the red line you may find on this page of his website … until to the Kazakhstan frontier …

… then watch all the photos on panoramino along this road, and have a look to the real China, on all its roads, constructions, deserts, plantations … and humans.

Christoph Rehage tells – in his YouTube-video above – having walked for 4646 km.

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