Amazonia, to die for – Offer R$ 1 million for your life

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Published on (first on, April 4, 2008.

With no control or law, Amazonia is fast becoming a ‘no man’s land’, a situation that has grown worse these last few years. “In the state of Pará alone, 800 people have been murdered in land conflicts and over environmental issues these last few decades”, says José Batista Gonçalves Afonso, legal advisor to the CPT (Pastoral Land Commission) in Marabá.

According to the CPT, some 20 people are currently on hit lists and require police protection. “Amazonia is an extremely large and complex region. We track rural issues and we observe that an aggression against people in the region is at a critical point”. He also said that high soy, steel and beef prices on the international markets, in addition to biofuels, have led to expanded monoculture farming and mining activities in the Amazon Region, causing not only environmental but social problems as well. “Large holders expand their holdings, expropriating indigenous, riverbank, maroon and other populations”. 

The states where these conflicts are most intense are: Pará, Mato Grosso and Rondônia.  “Instead of the government trying to halt the activities of large landowners, it supports this model. The PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) will enable projects in the region that will provide further incentives to grain farming, mining and ranching activities”, he commented.  He said that those who oppose this model are made to appear as criminals. “Whenever society fights for land rights, it is seen as acting criminally as are those that advocate the rights of populations suffering from violence by private parties and their gunmen”.

Running afoul of interests: … (full long text).


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