Political Poisonings: A Continuing American Tradition?

Published on Cleveland Indymedia.org, by Deborah Baker, May 09, 2009.

I am an American seeking asylum in Europe because I have been poisoned, apparently for political reasons. It seems the US government has experience with this punishment for political opponents, but worse things may be in store for the masses.

Are you aware that there are concentration camps meant to incarcerate and kill Americans in the US? If not, check it out. For example, youtube.com has had videos of these camps including the most infamous one in Beech Grove, Indiana. Ted Gunderson, former chief of the FBI office in LA, says he got one list of people to be killed in such camps from someone in the CIA, and his name was on it! If you aren’t already tangled up in the current mess that exists in the US, you will be! But let me first tell you my story. Maybe we can come up with an alternative. 

I am an American and was a political activist in the US, especially after 9/11. I have been seeking political asylum in Europe since 2006, when I left the US because I was being poisoned …

… I am not the only person being poisoned right now, and other Americans I suspect may have been poisoned for political reasons include Mike Ruppert, James Earl Ray, Aaron Russo, and Johnathan Kwitny.

Ted Gunderson also says his closest associate was poisoned recently with uranium.

Another American who is currently suffering because of her math skills is Elsebeth Baumgartner, a former northern Ohio lawyer and microbiologist sentenced to prison after 1) proving to be a caustic government critic and 2) informing officials that sensitive biotechnologies have been stolen that could harm the public if in the wrong hands.

The next question would be: who or what is the CIA working for? But let’s go one step at a time. I have always been a very honest person. I have a BA and an MA in Politics from New York University, where I was a teaching assistant. I am not inventing this or even exaggerating – in fact, just the opposite. Let’s establish these facts before going further. (full text).

My comment: Remember Baghwan, later renamed Osho, the spiritual Guru of countless western youngsters. He was also poised with uranium during his journey in an US prison, at his time, and he died shortly after he came back to Poona, India.

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