Labor, doctors and small business owners back health reform

Published on PWW, by Joel Wendland, July 16, 2009.

Health care reform gained new momentum this week. Wednesday, July 15, the Senate HELP committee passed a version of the bill that closely fits President Obama’s main principles for reform. The same day, House Democrats announced the introduction of their own health reform and its referral to three major committees who finalize the bill …

… Public option:

Now that the health reform bill has entered House committees for debate and amendment, a clearer picture of how the public option will work is emerging. According to information provided on the House Labor and Education Committee’s website, the public insurance program would be part of an insurance exchange that also would include a variety of private plans.  

Individuals and families who choose the public plan will pay premiums based on a sliding scale tied to their household incomes. Those between 133 percent and 400 percent will be eligible for subsidies for the public insurance program totaling no more than 11 percent of their income. In effect, individuals earning $43,000 or less, or families bringing in $88,000 or less will be eligible, the committee website stated. (full text).


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