Dismantling Pakistan, a Quagmire of Imperial Slavery

Published on Axis of Logic, by Talha Mujaddidi in Pakistan, July 16, 2009.

Talha Mujaddidi analyzes the “Quagmire of Imperial Slavery” for Axis of Logic from inside Pakistan: In January, 2005, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, former Pakistan High Commissioner to the U.K. wrote the following alert and warning:

“When it was over, I realised that everything had happened ‘according to the plan’. This brings out of me the apprehension: are our military rulers working on an a similar agenda or something that has been laid out for them in the various assessment reports over the years by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in joint collaboration with CIA. It was poor Miraj Khalid who as interim prime minister in early 1997 had dared to confide to the Pakistanis that CIA had forecast Pakistan’s denouement by the year 2015. … the NIC report cast a dark shadow on Pakistan’s future five years ago …  

… Conclusion

Practically speaking, Pakistan is virtually without a government as the government in power is totally off tangent from the demands of the people. There is a consensus building amongst the people in Pakistan that the time has come to rid themselves of this corrupt system and bring about a peoples revolution. It will be a long and difficult process, but alignment of the mindset of the people is the first and necessary step. The corrupt politicians of Pakistan do not have nine lives of a cat anymore. We predict the change begin in the near future. The chains of imperial slavery will be broken; Pakistanis have learned that their country is neither, an Iraq nor an Afghanistan that can be subdued by putting a Karzai, or Talabani in the presidential palace. True that Zardari has damaged Pakistan as much as he can just like Musharraf did before him but solidarity is growing and the people are gearing up for a change and the battle of ideas has just begun. (full text).


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