op-icescr – situation on April 2006

Summary of the Open-ended working group session 2006 on an optional protocol on ESC rights, February 6- 17, 2006 in Geneva: go to the summary, written by choike.org.

The daily coverage of this 2-week meeting you’ll find here.

To repeat for your understanding the whole matter, go to in-dept sight of choike.org. From there you may access to many sub-links for explanations.

My personal comment: It is much worth to spend some time to learn this matter. This optional protocol is the only tool possible today to help individuals to claim to a law court their rights also in other matters than only privat or political rights. As ones may also claim any economic, social and cultural right, which is much more than only the so called privat and political ones.

Governments are not eager to sign this protocol without including first many exceptions, this other year only Brazil and Mexico were ready for.

As was argued exactly by the French delegate in one of a former meeting: “if we sign this protocol, any ‘Jean Ziegler’ waiting in the starting boxes will fill up our law courts with complaints, as not any country is respecting these rights”.

Ones can not say it better. Please read this sentence twice, or more.

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