Lonesome Hobo Economics – On the Road at the CoC

Published on political affairs pa, by John Case, July 27, 2009.

The Committees of Correspondence CoC for Socialism and Democracy has just concluded its 6th National Convention in San Francisco, CA. The CoC was founded in 1994 as a coalition of socialist-oriented groupings from a number of organizations, including a large section from the Communist Party following a split in that organization after the collapse of the USSR. It was a gathering of color! Multi-racial and multinational. There were guests from Germany, El Salvador, South Africa, France, Venezuela and Vietnam. There were gays and straights. 200 Men and women very active in a wide range of social, political and labor constituencies …

… While it is difficult to leave behind some long-standing left-wing political categories, and plow fresh ground for a new generation of socialist renewal, the CoC made important progress. Carl Davidson calls this process “imagining 21st Century socialism.” Most important, in this writer’s view, was the focus on defining and and elaborating the principles and programs upon which progressive majorities can be built in all arenas of politics: local, state and national. For the left to think in terms of majorities is the single greatest improvement arising from the defeat of the reactionary “Reagan coalition” of which George W. Bush was only the latest and most sordid chapter.  

Many challenges remain: there were not enough youth at the conference. The electoral and unemployment issues were under-covered. And the right balance between “socialist” ideals and the progressive majority agenda is still wobbly, partly because the new situation is – really NEW! Nonetheless, workshops on socialist education, international solidarity, economic and social justice, climate change, peace and labor were well attended, and many energetic ideas were shared.

Its happening! Socialism’s reconnection with broad-based democratic change in response to the crisis is bearing fruit!

Venceremos!  – (full text).

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