Political and economic disabilities

Published on Online Journal, by Frank Scott, Aug 18, 2009.

Corporate America has increased profits by reducing its work force and their salaries, then forcing them to borrow money they should have been paid, and compounding the felony by collecting interest on that debt. The present recession is part of that attack on the working middle class, as millions bought homes at rates they could not afford. The hustlers who sold them mortgages based on invisible assets built a financial pyramid which only existed in their electronic religious temples. When material bills came due and capital had to produce substance for its own debts, what happened?  

Corporate government rushed to the aid of corporate finance with trillions of taxpayer dollars, which could then be loaned back to taxpayers at even higher interest rates. As the system becomes more severely crippled, measures to save it become more blatantly outrageous, often bordering on madness. And reactions to this massive welfare program to save capitalism have produced outbursts of near lunacy.

For the first time in history, America has a president who is only half white, causing mental agony for the still significant racist minority. Along with those who still believe Obama represents substantial change, they are near the breaking point. This despite the fact that Obama was selected by America’s rulers, to be elected by America’s ruled, to save private capital, and make that salvation seem a positive change for the public taxpayers. As if Obama’s sincere but often hallucinating supporters weren’t bad enough, the situation has led the barely conscious opposition into a passionate crusade approaching mass hysteria. They charge Obama with being a socialist, or of having been born in another country. This reinforces the notion that America is the world’s leading producer of weapons, garbage and imbeciles, but severe mental stress doesn’t lead to clear reasoning, and we are an extremely stressed population.

All of us are disoriented by the distortions and lies we get from our mind managers, and starry eyed believers, who thought this hybrid speech maker was some agent of change in anything but rhetoric, have little right to laugh at anyone else. We all need a wake-up call … (full text).

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