Pandemic Vaccination – Why You Should Be Concerned

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Published on Global, by Dr. A. True Ott, August 18, 2009.

As the summer of 2009 winds down, the debate over “pandemic” vaccinations in the nation’s “public” schools is beginning to ramp up …


Over the weekend, a gentleman in Belgium sent a very interesting e-mail. He had finally succeeded in getting a document from the European Medicines Agency (EMEA -the European Union’s equivalent of America’s FDA) that listed the basic ingredients in the primary “pandemic flu” vaccine being purchased for Europe ­ GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) PANDEMRIX vaccine. This EMEA Document is very, very revealing.

The vaccine consists of:  

Active Substance: Pandemic influenza vaccine (H5N1) (split virion, inactivated, adjuvanted) A/VietNam/1194/2004 NIBRG-14.

Clearly, this is BIRD FLU vaccine, with the isolated antigen being the VietNam killer bird flu virus that has exhibited such a high mortality rate amongst victims in that country. The problem is, according to the WHO, the pandemic flu threatening Europe and the world is not a BIRD FLU (H5N1) virus at all, but is a “Novel” Swine Flu (H1N1) virus. How is it possible that such a specific BIRD FLU VACCINE would give any immune protection to a “Novel” Swine Flu “pandemic” virus?

It would seem that GSK is trying to unload stockpiles of its “Avian Pandemic Flu” vaccine by disguising it as a generic “Pandemic” vaccine under the name “PANDEMRIX”!! Why is the EMEA allowing this to happen? Will the FDA follow the EMEA’s lead and allow “Pandemrix” bird flu viruses to be shot into millions of school children in America? Or will it be only Novartis or Novavax vaccines allowed in America? When will Americans be given FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE LABELING, and the COMPANIES UNDER CONTRACT??

Notice also that GSK’s “Pandemrix” circular declares that the virus included in the vaccine has been “adjuvanted” ­ but it doesn’t disclose the specific adjuvant used. It is very likely “oil-in-water” adjuvant, aka squalene ­ but this is not fully disclosed.

A very real concern of virologists worldwide is that the relatively benign “Novel” Swine Pandemic Flu threatening the world today, could turn into a much more dangerous killer if it somehow were able to blend with a known high-morbidity-producing virus, such as the VietNam strain of H5N1. It would appear that injecting millions of people with PANDREMIX “adjuvanted” H5N1 Bird Flu viruses could indeed create the ‘Perfect Storm’ as far as a pandemic is concerned.

This Organized Lunacy must end, and it must end Now! (full text).

(Global Research Articles by A. True Ott).

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