NWO (new world order) Endgame is Being Played

Swine Flu Mass Vaccinations & FEMA Response & Martial Law for Fall, 2009

Linked with Pandemic Vaccination – Why You Should Be Concerned and its links.

Published on RealityCheck (first on David Icke.com), by Editor’s Note, Aug. 10, 2009.

With so much reaction in the U.S. and around the world to the laboratory created ‘H1N1 flu virus’, and the outrage against the corruption and duplicity of the pharmaceutical companies and governments at all levels, it is vital that the truth emerges immediately … 

1. Here is a video clip taken from Fox News with some editing statements from the originator of the post. Don’t be insulted by his angry comments at the end of the clip. He’s got it figured out, but unfortunately most people trust Fox News, don’t they?

(The named video seems no more there, but on YouTube you find: David Icke talks about swine flu, 6.16 min, added 13 July 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkiclMWy3Ns

2. The following article was written recently by Professor Michel Chossodovsky, University of Ottawa. His website, Global Research, is a well known source of ‘real news’ about what is happening in the world. Here he writes about the emerging H1N1 pandemic and the planned government response.

3. This article taken from prisonplanet.com talks about the likelihood of schools being used in the U.K. and the U.S. as mass vaccination centres.

4. Short video clip summarizing the New World Order and the evidence of FEMA camps.

5. A detailed, precise artilce by David Icke about the flu vaccine, the mountain of lies and corruption behind it, and the fact that it is a ‘global eugenics experiment’ designed to reduce the population of this planet. Wars can no longer contain the population, so biological terrorism will become the weapon of choice.

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