Consultation on digital inclusion

Published on One World South Asia, Source: Digital Opoortunity Channel, 7 September 2009.

In the run up to the 21st Skoch Summit, a research meeting has been organised on speeding digital inclusion that will foster participatory democracy in India. The scheduled date for meeting is September 16, 2009.

Founded in 1997, Skoch Consultancy Services Private Limited helps leading transnational and Indian organizations to create, identify, assess and address opportunities better. Nearly 80% of large organizations from ICT industry who wish to address enterprise markets in India have engaged with the company.

The 21st Skoch Summit is being organized on the theme of “Infrastructure, Finance and Governance: Push for Growth.” 

As a run up to the summit a research meeting for national study has been organised entitled “Speeding Digital Inclusion.”

Some of the issues to be examined are as follows:

  • Where are we as a country on Universal Digital Access?
  • Examine how the Universal Digital Access can be converted into Universal Digital Inclusion that would create a virtuous bi-directional cycle of it leading to grassroots economic enablement.
  • How Digital Inclusion can foster participatory democracy and better targeting and monitoring of social spending schemes?
  • Revisits the role of Public Private Partnership and examines in what ways can this be better harnessed to deliver outcomes.
  • Examines use of mobility and other emerging technologies.

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