ARPA-E* and The Orion Project

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Received by e-mail:
From: The Orion Project
Date: 09/09/2009

The (US) Department of Energy created the Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Funding Opportunity and opened it to submissions earlier this year.

From the ARPA-E website:

“Advanced Research Projects Agency – E (ARPA-E) is created specifically to foster research and development of transformational technologies. Transformational technologies are, by definition, technologies that disrupt the status quo. 

They are not merely better than current technologies, they are significantly better. This supports the Nation’s need for transformational energy-related technologies to overcome the threats posed by climate change and energy security, arising from its reliance on traditional uses of fossil fuels and the dominant use of oil in transportation.”

Dr. Ted Loder led an experienced, distinguished team which submitted two “concept paper” proposals to ARPA-E. We felt they were thoughtful, well-designed, and truly tranformational technology proposals. As anyone who has followed our site knows, we are committed to developing and bringing transformational technologies to the world- fitting the description above.

An interesting point in the answer to our submissions is that the reviewers were required “to evaluate and prioritize based on the high standard for transformational impact, the significant discriminating factor in funding decisions”. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the same goal- technological progress in the areas of physics and advanced electromagnetic systems which will provide abundant, clean, low-cost energy. Unfortunately, our applications were “discouraged” from full proposal submission. Only a small percentage of the approximate 3500 submissions were “encouraged.” We do not know which those are, but can only wish the authors luck.

So, we will continue our work- encouraging inventors, searching for new technology and spreading the word about what can and should be done at this critical time for humanity.

* The Advanced Research Project Agency-E ARPA-E, US department of energy:

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