Zimbabwe President Mugabe meets EU delegation

Published on ChinaView, (its Homepage), by Lin Zhi, 2009-09-13.

HARARE, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) — Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Saturday met the visiting EU troika delegation at State House in Harare, ZBC News reported.

The 14-member delegation which was led by Swedish Minister of International Corporation Gunilla Carlsson and includes the Spanish Director General for Africa Carmen Delapena met President Mugabe for an hour.

Mugabe said sanctions are hurting people of Zimbabwe and stand as a major stumbling block towards the smooth operation of the inclusive government. The Swedish Minister said the meeting marks the beginning of dialogue between the European Union and Zimbabwe.

She insisted that there are restrictive measures towards certain individuals but could not explain whether the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, 2001 (ZIDERA) imposed by the United States of America is a restrictive measure … (full short text).

Links – ZIDERA 2001: on wikipedia; and on WEZIMBABWE – the book ZIDERA for Dummies.

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