Africa-South America Summit in Venezuela Cements South-South Collaboration

Published on Venezuela Analysis, by Tamara Pearson, September 27th 2009.  

Mérida, September 27th, 2009 ( – Creating a new Radio of the South, formalising the Bank of the South, criticising the make-up of the UN Security Council, and supporting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya were among the outcomes at the second Africa-South American Summit (ASA) that was held this weekend on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Heads of state from 61 countries, 49 from Africa and 12 from South America, participated in the summit, with the theme of “Closing gaps, opening up opportunitie” …  

… Venezuela’s participation in the Summit

Chavez proposed, and the summit approved, a proposal that Venezuela take on the responsibility of organising the ASA secretariat from now on. The secretariat would meet on Margarita Island and would ensure implementation of the plans and projects coming out of the summit.

Chavez said that in order to turn “ideas into projects” he should be permitted to head up the secretariat, and that what were previously working groups could be turned into presidential commissions.

During the summit, Venezuela also signed notes of understanding for the formation of joint mining ventures with Sierra Leone, Mali, Namibia, Niger, and Mauritania. Chavez announced that he had signed an agreement of cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to assist with the battle against hunger in Africa by providing seeds, fertiliser, and other farming technology.

“[ASA] is a vital mechanism, it’s the union of South America with Africa… We’ll prove that we are a big power and that the union of these two powers, South America and Africa, will contribute to what [Simon] Bolivar said, the equilibrium of the world,” Chavez said.  (full text).


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