H1N1 Flu is a Hoax

Illuminati Trying to Intimidate People into Taking Untested H1N1 Vaccine

Published on the blog Reality Check, Sept 28, 2009.

… So, I repeat. It is not the flu, but the flu vaccine that puts individuals at risk.   Google ‘H1N1 flu vaccine ingredients’ on the Net, or check my other articles on this site and you will find out that the H1N1 vaccine contains: squalene (can cause auto-immune diseases), thimerosal (mercury which destroys brain cells), formaldehyde, porcine gelatin (pig skin), and polyethylene glycol, to name a few.

Do you want to have these substances injected into your body or someone in your family?

Furthermore, the FDA in the U.S. admits to these ingredients being in previous vaccines!! Yet they want to give these vaccines to young children and pregnant women, and of course seniors over the age of 65 whose immune systems are more at risk.  It’s absolute madness and there should be a public outcry!   

How is our government protecting us? The fact is they are not. In the U.S. they are protecting the pharmaceutical companies by removing the rights of citizens to sue them for damages. So, even if hundreds or thousands of people suffer side effects (like death) from the vaccines, the companies will be insulated from lawsuits.

So, when I see the medical community urging the citizens of Cornwall and area to take flu shots, and the media spewing the flu virus panic, confusion and propaganda I say, let’s have a town hall meeting and we’ll line them all up, roll up their sleeves and watch them take random jabs of the new H1N1 flu vaccine in front of the citizenry.

How long can you hold your breath? (full text).

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