the WSIS civil society education, academia and research taskforce

Comments for Action line C7 – e-learning – by the WSIS civil society education, academia and research taskforce.

Action line C7 starts with stating: “Everyone should have the necessary skills to benefit fully from the Information Society”. However, the civil society education, academia and research taskforce underlines that in order to achieve this aim it is of key importance to, in addition to ensure multi-stakeholder participation, define clear and concrete measures which can be incorporated in both national and global strategies.

One such key measure is:

• Defining and forstering Open Educational Resources (OER) on line, around issues of interoperability, access, public infrastructure, in the context of Internet and digital learning technologies. This also entails:

o The development of support structures for potential users
o The identification, tagging and organisation of resources for easy retrieval and re-use
o The production and facilitation of multilingual platforms with interoperable systems

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In addition to the OER, the education, academia and research taskforce also holds that:

• A study should be conducted on how current legislation on digital rights, market dominance, and digital rights management (DRM) technology prevents the exercise of the right to education including fair use and an extended public domain of knowledge.

• That the UNESCO on-line contribution platform is maintained as a common platform for future multistakeholder involvement and best practice exchange on the relevant action lines.

• Partnerships between the private sector, civil society, local government, academia, libraries and research organizations should be promoted at all levels to provide local access and content.

• Public-private partnerships for ICT development should be subject to public interest regulation.

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