COLIN ANDREWS to Speak at CSETI Contact Conference

in Rio Rico, Arizona – October 24-26, 2009 (see the CSETI contact website).

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Published on Disclosure, October 2009.

“We must draw our line in the sand – Governments MUST come clean NOW and be made accountable. This MUST be the time. Our future depends upon it.”

Colin Andrews feels strongly that as governments around the world now begin to release all of their hitherto secret files on UFOs and crop circles, this is in fact what they are doing – finally coming clean. The planet is in an irreversible paradigm shift, and a successful embracement of the new paradigm will only be achieved if we remedy the lessons learned from the old. More lies, deception and spin will not work – literally.  

“No Government, Religion, Corporation or any individual has the right to keep such vital information from the people any longer, and hence control the advancement of human consciousness. The truth leads us to a better place.”

The deceivers in this mix should be allowed to tell their own story. Andrews’ recent book Government Circles blasted holes in the British Government’s official statement that they were not involved in crop circle research nor did they issue a gag order on the media (’D Notice’) surrounding the famous surveillance project ‘Operation Blackbird’ in 1990. Andrews has shown evidence that they lied and he has also published documentary evidence that high level meetings took place inside Prime Minister Thatcher’s cabinet about the circles. He has proven by his intimate connection with the Queen that as Head of State, she also was deliberately misled, as were the public and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In recent weeks the former head of the Ministry of Defense UFO project has acknowledged publicly that Andrews’ version of events is correct … (full text).

(See also: CSETI Web site; CSETI contact; Disclosure Project; Address: PO Box 265 Crozet, VA 22932 USA or PO Box 4556, Largo MD 20775 USA).

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